24 December 2013

Merry Christmas from the Motherland!

We are slowly adjusting to the time change.  I forced myself to stay up until 10pm last night, dude was right there hanging out with me.  We played War with our new deck of cards and he played with Legos while I updated the blog and Instagram.  It was a struggle to stay awake though.  Who knew that War would be such a hit with these kids?  They were not at all interested in it since it's not a video game or electronic, but despite its pre-historic nature they love it, especially Dude, he always wins and it's a great practice in numbers recognition and value.  It's like a perfect little traveling math lesson for a 4 year old.  Poor Zane fell asleep super early and woke up as  soon as dude and I laid down to sleep.  It's 4 am now on Christmas Day and we are ready for the joy that today will bring.  For all of you reading the blog, commenting, and holding us in your hearts during our travels please allow me to thank you for the love and support.  It means the world to us, and you know I love the world; and I love you!

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