03 June 2015

Iceland on our minds

We left Iceland a few days ago, but it's still in our minds.  We absolutely loved it there.  We woke up super early Friday morning (4:00am) walked to Hotel Cabin, thankfully in a bright windless morning.  The sun was up full blast and the neighborhood was silent.  Just breathtaking! 

4:45 am video 

5am video while waiting for airport shuttle

At the airport the boys husteled me into buying them Legos and other fun things for the plane.  

I was super excited to film a child safety video on some of the things the kids and I do to keep them safe. 

On the flight from Iceland to New York. We were knocked out asleep for the whole flight.  

Since we've been back though we can't stop talking about Iceland and how fun it was.  All of our friends and family start off all the comment with "OMG you guys looked so happy"

Here are some pic and videos for our time there that didn't make the previous posts 

Video of the Rift Valley where the tectonic plates meet under Iceland

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