30 May 2012

Apps for easy travel

Here are the free apps that I plan to use on our trip.

The usual suspects:

Twitter (follow me @Global1Echo)
Wells Fargo Bank
Worldwide news apps (CNN, BBC Mundo, etc)
Flashlight app
Find My iPhone- for both my iPhone and the kids' iPad

First time use apps:

After working many years in translating and interpreting I'm always sceptical of electronic translators. They usually suck and are far to literal.  So far, we've been playing around with this app and we like the audio component so we can actually hear the correct pronounciation of the words.  We try to say the phrase/ words on our own at first, then we laugh at ourselves once we hear how ridiculous our version is compared to the iTranslate voice's correct pronounciation.

EasyJet is a low prices European airline that takes your from country to country for as little as $30 one-way.  We will use them to get to Paris.  Unless we get an amazing last minute deal EasyJet is much cheaper and faster than Europe'a Rail Way System, The Eurail.

I have not used Instagram yet, but this has been highly recommended to me by my students and other bloggers.  I'll use whatever down time I can get to figure it out.  I'll keep you updated.

Berlin Metro
This app gives you subway directions while in Berlin.  Perfect for sight-seeing on a budget!

Guide Metro Paris
This app works off line and, according to the description, if online it will automatically detect the closest metro station to help you start your journey.  I look forward to using this app.

New York Subway Map
Just like the Berlin and Paris apps above this will help use get around during our short stay in NYC.

Currency app
This will help keep me up to date with the exchange rate and also help with budgeting.  Currently The EuroZone is experiencing high unemployment and political turmoil, two things that may affect the currency value.

This is a vacation home rental app hosted by the website airbnb.com.  I mentioned this website in a previous post and I'm happy that they also have a free app to support the website.

I'm having a good time playing with my new apps and I hope they are still useful in my times of need.  I also hope to visit European cities other than Berlin and Paris guided by apps to make that visit more enjoying.  As a search for, find, and use these apps I'll keep you updated.  After all, you will need useful information for your upcoming trip to the same cities ☺

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