31 May 2012

Chinese Bus and New York Pizza

We boarded "The Chinese Bus" at 8pm last night at a Chevron gas station near downtown Atlanta. There weren't many people on the bus, which was good, since the ride would take approximately 14 hours.

The Chinese Bus

Before we got out of the Atlanta area Dude was fell fast asleep. AlphaPoppa and Zane played iPad and Nintendo games while I cuddled up and slept with Dude. The ride was loooong. We woke up and fell back to sleep many times. The bus made several stops and changed drivers a few times. By the time we arrived in Maryland it was clear that we'd arrive in ChinaTown,NYC 3 hours later than anticipated. AlphaPoppa started getting uncomfortable from sitting for so long, but the boys found ways to play across the seats to stay busy. We all stayed in good humor though.

Dude and me in the front.  Zane and AlphaPoppa in the back.
As always when you are on an adventure something out of the ordinary must happen. This trip was no exception. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop while riding on a bus? Thanks to the New Jersey Police Department we now can say we have! To make a long crazy story short our driver was ticketed for driving in the left lane and for having a tail light out. This angered on of the passengers so much that she approached the front of the bus and cursed out the driver for getting tickets then cursed him out for not knowing enough English to understand her insults! Lady, this bus is known by all as "The Chinese Bus" did you expect it to be operated by Australians?! Zane was so excited to hear new curse words from this lady. For some reason polyglot children love profanity more than their monolingual counterparts. We don't curse at home do when he hears them in public or on TV, his face lights up like Christmas. Whenever I tell the story he say,"Don't forget to tell them that the lady said bullshit!". He mouths the last word.

Riding through the Holland Tunnel

Zane said,"Wow this is the longest bathroom wall EVER!"
It took us a moment to realize that he was referring to
 the tunnel's tiled wall as bathroom walls.

Finally after 7 states, 2 tickets,13 naps, about 90 stops, and a bag full of snacks we finally made it to NY. For $60 I'd do it again. AlphaPoppa says the bus "gave him arthritis" and will catch a flight with Delta Airlines for his return trip, because Delta wouldn't have gotten pulled over. I find that funny and true. The kids enjoyed the ride and were in awe over my home city.

As soon as we arrived to my sister-in-laws apartment in Brooklyn we ran to the nearest pizza joint for lunch. Zane and Dude devoured their slices and declared that NY most certainly has the best pizza ever! I knew they'd love my city, I can't believe that I'd stayed away so long.

Tomorrow we leave for Berlin so we must rest. I am, however, plotting for a NY adventure after we trek across Europe. Stay tuned my friend, stay tuned!

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