01 July 2012

I love NY!!

There is no denying it. I am the first to admit that I suck at blogging about NYC. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why. NYC is amazing without kids and amazing with kids after all we went to Central Park, Battery Park, and Prospect Park ( several times). We went to the Museum of Natural History, MOMA, Rockefeller Center, all for free. We sailed to the Statue of Liberty. Saw ground zero, the 911 memorial, and the construction of 1 world trade center. We ate cheap and delicious NY pizza, chinese, hot dogs, sushi, etc. We found great places to bargain shop (I have a cute $2 summer dress as evidence). So why didn't I thoroughly blog about my favorite city?!
My only reasonable answer is that I'm too comfortable here. My family moves away from the Bronx when I was 13. I then lived in Florida for 4 years, them went off to college in Atlanta. During those years I began traveling with a vengeance, but through it all and not having lived in NY for over 20 years it still feels like home. Being a New Yorker is not something that disappears, obviously! So sine I've done a piss poor job with reppin' my city, I'll just show you out pix. Please post any questions that you may have.

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