10 October 2012

Video Slide Show Europe 2012

Hello my l♥ves,

This has taken forever and it was not easy to create but finally my hard work has paid off!  One of the reasons that traveling with my family is so important to me is the wonderful memories that we create along our journey.  I have done my best to capture these precious moments in photo and video and compiled them together in a video slide show.  I hope that my boys and hubby will look at these images and remember the bonds, confusion, laughter, and good feelings that we shared with each other and new friends.  I hope they remember my lessons to be courageous, open-minded, loving, kind, generous, and tough! 

I also hope that our slideshow inspires you to pack up and step out of your comfort zone, after all that is where the magic begins...

Echos Journeys Europe 2012 Video Slide Show

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  1. Oh My Gosh Erica! I love it! I see you gettin' your steven speilburg on!