30 August 2014

Zurich airport to Ibis budget hotel

As soon as we landed we headed for immigration, since we didn't check bags it was a quick process.  On the train ride and walk there we met some Dominican women from Santo Domingo.   The immigration guy was very friendly and had been to atlanta on more than one occasion.  

After getting our passports stamped I exchanged some cash.  In the blink of an eye my $100 USD turned into $79.22 Swiss francs 😩.   While still in the airport I bought another outlet adapter so we would have to fight over the only one I own.   As soon as we exited the airport we found a taxi, who just so happened to also have a booster seat for Dude.  That's a good sign! Even though the driver spoke little English and I hardly know anything in German our communication was easy and to the point. I showed him the hotel address, he put it in his GPS and we were there within 15 minutes.  Ok so back home. 15 minutes taxi ride cost between $20-$40. Here it was $95 Swiss francs so if my math is correct that ride was $100+USD!!!!! From now on it's all public transportation for us... Humph!  
The receptionist Ladina was a cute girl with waist length deadlocks.  She greeted us in 4 language as if to offer us our preference.  Zane had just asked me last week of white people can have dreadlocks, since being here for the last 2 hours I've seen at least 4.  Travel answers questions through experiences. 
Now we are in the hotel and getting sleepy.  We are 6 hrs ahead of our home time zone.  I told the kids we will rest for an hour then go out to see Zurich.

Here's a video of us entering the hotel
Room for the first time.  We are like the blind leading the blind.  "How do you open the door?" "How do you turn on the lights?" You would think we would have international consensus on such simple matters... Geesh!! 

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