28 August 2014


In mid July I started contemplating where our next flight should be.  But in true Echo fashion I had too many places flowing through my mind. "Let's do Europe while it's still warm there.  I hate to pack bulky clothes for cold weather.  Ok so Europe it is.  But where specifically? Venice? Brussels? Milan? Amsterdam? Munich? No, no, no.... Ok Echo, just breathe and listen to your intuition, let the trip choice you... *inhale, exhale*... Go to Zurich? Zurich, Switzerland? .... Ok Zurich it is!"

As soon as I get flight stuff out of the way I need to find a place to stay.  First choice coachsurfing. I send 3 requests, 3 request denies.  Second choice airbnb.  I only see one affordable place that will accept 3-4 people.  Once the renter adds the extra fees etc she sends me a quote for $368 for 2 nights.  Whoa!  Way out of our budget.  I wonder if Zurich has those cheap F1 Hotels like the one we stayed in in Paris? Nope, no F1s.  How about the Ibis hotels? Yes they have those $100 a night for me and the 2 kids.  Usually when I travel I rent for $40 a night.  That, however, doesn't exist in Zurich.  The average low-end hotel is $250 a night.  Even a family room at a popular hostel was far more than I was willing to pay.  I gratefully snatched up the Ibis hotel deal. 

Right now we are on the plane as they fix a maintenance problem with the fuel gauge.  Zane, Dude, and I each have a small back or backpack and we are excited about the adventure that lies ahead.  Zane is such a studious guy. He's been researching info on Switzerland all week.  "Mommy, why don't they have an army?  Most people there are rich!  Are they rich because they don't pay for wars? It's a bilingual country.  In one part they speak German and the other side they speak french.  We are going to the German side.  I hear the banks are good there can we open a bank account when we get there?!"
Whoa, my child so many question, we will have them all answered... Once we get there... So for now we will just sit back and enjoy the journey.  

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