10 October 2014


We had a great rest on the plane.  I woke up first, ate my eggs sandwiches breakfast and checked on my sweethearts.  Dude was up next, he listened to music and looked out the window for a long time.  The mountain view was captivating I must admit.  Zane slept until we were on the ground.  I prefer to let him sleep as long as possible when we are travel, and at home. So I don't have to deal with Mr Grumpy.  Both boys refused to eat breakfast, so I was like, whatever I tried.  The flight attendant repeated over and over again how strict the Chileans are about bringing "undeclared" food into the country and walked us through how to fill out the customs form.  It made me a little nervous because I can't afford to make a mistake that could get me fined.  Oh no!  The flight crew said if you are caught bringing in a granola bar they would fine you heavily. Geez Louise!!! I quadruple checked that we didn't have anything edible.  Luckily that all went smoothly.  Before passing thirty immigration I exchanged money $1USD = $598 Chilean pesos.  Yey baby!!!  Since we don't check bags we breezed through immigration and customs without any problems.  We moved so quickly in daddy that combined with the flight arriving early, we were outside the airport 20 minutes before our agreed upon pick up time.  As we stood among the crowd of waitingg taxi drivers, hostel managers, and anxious family members we got plenty of offers to be taken to our BNB.  One taxi guy was nice enough to call the BNB from bus cell phone.  He told us the driver was in the way and if I needed anything he would be close by.  My travel angels never fail me.  I'm forever awed and grateful for their guidance and care.  

Just as our new friend informed us our taxista Reuben, arrived shortly.  The drive to the BNB was about 30 minutes.  In those 30 minutes Reuben and I laughed our asses off and he gave me the low-down  on his country straight and to the point.  Here are highlights of that conversation. 
- chile is not a racist society but definitely classist, race does however run loosely along those lines, here's why...
- first off chile is a homogenous society, "we all look the same" until after WW2 many Germans came here with money and created a high wealthy class.  So the wealthy are more blonde and "straight nosed" like their rich German ancestors. 
- The first black people Chileans have authentically been exposed to have been in the last 5 years with many Haitians and Domincans coming to a stronger economy to escape poverty.
- the Chileans are peaceful, loving, happy people so they have welcomed these immigrants who are "ya golpeado" (already beat-up, like suffering) and no one wants to make them suffer more. Of course like in any society you'll find a jerk in the crowd, but that is not the main mindset of the Chilean people
-people will stare at you because we still don't see many black people and your hair is different, and you're pretty.  (I liked that last part)
- the classism is like a thermometer.  Starting from the airport to the mountain tops.  Close to the airport is 1 star living, in the mountains it's 5 stars, my hotel will be 2 1/2 stars on that scale.  
- Ehen asked about Chile's frequent intense earth quakes he compared it to the end of times.  "The end of the world is going to start right here in Chile with a monster earthquake.  When you hear in the news from the USA that chile has been wipes off the face if the earth, you need to know you all are next!"  He laughed so hard at this comment and I too cracked up right along with him!!!

I cannot stress how pleasant Reuben was.  Once we got to the BNB we were warmly greet by Ignacio.  Ignacio now a BNB owner is also a university professor of anthropology.  He is divorced with 2 adult daughters, but has remarried a Cubana and they have a daughter together plus her son who just arrived from Cuba 2 weeks ago.  He jokes and played with the kids, he's a pretty funny guy actually, and he served us light sandwiches and hot chocolate I. The main dining area.  He rattled off a list of other guest at the BNB a Russian, a swiss chick, a guy from Taiwan, a Chilean from another city, and some others I forgot.  I look forward to meeting them all!!

We hung out for a while, dropped off out bags, and got directions from Gladys the BNB housekeeper.  Before our arrival I google searched things for kids in Chile. The first thing I saw was El Museo Interactivo Mirador, it had great reviews and looked good enough for me.  Gladys' directions were perfecto!  We walked 5 minutes to the closest metrostation. Went 2 stops then transferred to the #5 line and got off at mirador station.  We walked 10 minutes from there.  The museum blew my mind!!! Our minds!!! It was better than amazing.  It deserves it own post so until then please enjoy these vids of our BNB and metro experience. 

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