10 October 2014

Santiago de Chile

Next up in line of countries that have chosen us is Chile.  Last year when I initially asked the boys if they wanted to go to Chile. Dude immediately was excited to go to what he hear as "chik-fil-a"!!  I took me 3 days to make him understand that Inhad said Chile, the country not Chik-fil-a the fast food restaurant. Well last year even though is gotta the wheels moving it just wasn't meant to be.  We were hosting Yuko, my sister-in-law's sister, from Toyko and the $160 per person visa fee would have thrown our yearly travel budget off.... Way off!! So at that time it just wasn't meant to be.  In retrospect, as always, these things turn out for the best.  I would have been thoroughly furious if I'd paid $480 in visa fees, only for the visa requirement to be lifted months later in February 2014!!!  So now that the visa is no longer a concern chile has been placed firmly in our path.  

So far things look great.  We have book a very cute room at Providencia Bed and Breakfast (using AirBNB) for $60 a night including breakfast.  The BNB host Ignacio will also pick us up from the airport for $34.  We are on board, wheels are up, and it looks like we are close enough to touch the big heavy moon bangling in the sky.  The flight is exactly 9 hours and 4 minutes (as announced 45 tjmea in English and Spanish, lol) we will get there at approximately 9:30 am Chilean time. 

Initially we were assigned seats in the bulk head, but that didn't work for us.  The kids couldn't touch the screen and the armrests couldn't go up forbids younger comfortable.  After talking to the flight attendant she found three vacant window double seats for us.  The flight was only like 70% full.  So we sat together for a while then laid out in our double seats when it was time to sleep 

Check my music playlist, ha!!

The Andes Mountains 

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