06 September 2015

Christ the Redeemer redeemed himself

After breakfast and bathing dude and I went downstairs to go for a quick walk.  Waiting outside our apartment was a vendor selling hand carved wooden planes, rockets, helicopter, trains, and trucks.  Dude went crazy.  They only cost $10 and were beautifully made so I let him choice one that he likes, of course he went for the helicopter!  

Since we visited Pao de azucar the previous day we decided to try to see Christ the redeemer today.  The sky was a little clearer and we knew exactly how to get there.

The bus cost less than $1usd per adult and dude gets to ride for free.  What I liked it that we didn't have to pay for taxis or for tour guides to see the best of this city.  

The plan was to take the train up to the Christ, but shortly after arriving we saw a fuse had blown on the train and it was out of operation.  The only other option was to take 2 buses up the mountain.  We really we're left with many choices and decided to go for the 2 buses. 

While waiting for the first bus in a long line... We met 2 Chileans in the line in front of us. After talking to them we decided to rent a taxi together to drive up to the second bus.  The area was PACKED!!! With the train out of service the buses were Joe bombarded with tourist, all of us too determined to turn back.  By the time we got to the second bus the rain was at a steady slow pace and I realized we were quickly running out of cash!!! We were forced to stand in very long very slow moving lines.  The wait was at least 2 hours.  

During our torturous wait we got a little entertainment from a monkey who came out of the rain forest to pee and poop in front of the shocked crowd. It amazed me how many people wanted to touch and feed this wild animal!!! The pro officials were frantically yelling at the many people who were reach up toward the animal or calling it over.  I even saw one dad take a cracker out of his infants hand and hold it up toward the monkey as bait.  Let's just say mom was not having any parts of that.... If looks could kill.  

The wait was brutal but well worth it.  Once we got up to the top we were all smiles.  If was clear enough for us to see and everyone us there was equally excited.  By the time we were ready to leave the train was functioning but since we had already paid for be bus transportation  and didn't have enough cash for train tickets we had to go down the same way we came up.

By the time was got back to our side of town if was dark and late again.  We stopped by an empanadas stand and ate  until we were stuffed.  Zane are his usual incredible amount of food.  Dude also ate a lot which is shocking because dude eats very little in a day.  He ate and ate and ate.  By the time he asked for his 4th empanadas we had to stop him!! I was happy to see him eat though and little things like great food and great toys will have him wanting to return again and again. 

By the them we got to the apartment we were all ready to snuggle under the covers with wifi and relax.  And that's exactly what we did. 

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