06 October 2015

Last day in Rio

Today was our last day in Rio.  There is no way we were going to leave here without first properly visiting the copacaban beach.  That was our first stop of the day.  The water was freezing and the sand blew in the wind cutting us like shards of glass... Did that stop us though? of course not!!!  The water was definitely too cold to swim, but it was the perfect temperature to wash up on your frets send you jumping and squealing hnt he opposite direction.  And boy did we have fun doing just that!  

With our flight leaving 9pm that night we had enough time to do something but not too much time. But was Brazil's Independence Day and a good day to check out the botanical gardens.  We followed the bus directions there and off we went even though it was officially closed we had plenty of space to lounge and to let the kids run and jump.  We spend some hours there and then headed home taking the scenic route passing the ipanmena beach and other landmarks.
Levy came to meet us at the apartment and 6 and had also arranged a taxi for us at a great price.  He made us promise to return and I reassured him that we would.  

Rio was good too, even with cloudy skies and cold ocean.  I can only imagine how great it will be when we visit under more favorable conditions.  Rio we will be back!

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