26 November 2015

Down unda

So let me tell you how I've been planning for Sydney for a year and it almost didn't happen.   Soooo, on November first my dad goes into the hospital with a heart attack, my sister says she has it handled.  Next think I know I'm being told he's gradually getting worse.  When I call he doesn't want to talk, as short of breath, tired.  If you know my dad that's not like him at all, he's always lively and happy ready to talk your head off. By the 4th I'm being told he needs open heart surgery next week so I tell my boss and start planning to go down there, naturally I want to be with him before and after surgery.  Next thing I know my sister calls crying, he's being sent to ICU he has water on the lungs, his kidneys are shutting down and he can't breathe on his own.  I run out of work crying, check the kids out of school and within and hour I'm on the road driving to get down to him. I made the 5 hour drive in 4 hours and 15 minutes.  After 2 weeks at his bedside. He ends up with 2 stents in his heart he's stabilized and we bring him home. He's still weak and banged up and needs a lot of help.  Once he heard I was cancelling our trip he and my sister insisted that I go.  With her being off work for thanksgiving she would be able to give him full attention and since they live across the street from each other that they'd be fine.  They definitely made me feel comfortable enough to go, so we packed our backpacks and left.  After being away from the kids so long I was looking forward to another adventure with them.  This is truly our special bonding time.  So off to Sydney we went.  Our first flight was Atlanta to Los Angeles.  Since we had a 10 hour lay over my cousin and her kids picked us up from the airport and we spend the day with them.  As always it was hard leaving them but adventure was waiting for us on the other side of the ocean.  You just don't ignore that kind of invitation. 

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was 13 1/2 hours and we slept about 10 or 11 of those hours.  All that running, jumping, and laughing with their cousins was perfect for a preflight workout.  Before first meal was served we were all knocked out.  We landed in Syndey well rested and bright eyed.  We left LA 10:30 on a Friday night and arrived in Sydney 9:30 their Sunday morning.  Saturday never existed for us.  How awesome is THAT?!?! 

So the Sydney plan was to arrive at the airport take the train to Circular Quay ( quay is pronounced "key" not "kway" so please don't be an idiot like me and say "kway" because people will give you that "you're a real life dumbass" look when you say it).  Anway, at circular quay we are to take a very to Cockatoo Island were we will camp for a few days.  Sydney was horribly expensive and to be honest camping was the only thing that would fit in our teeny tiny budget.  

Two story subway train

Bus ride.  They were working on the metro tracks for the weekend so we have to take a bus to circular quay. 

Our ferry on the left

Ferry map!

So apparently Sydney's public transportation includes ferries just as much as it includes trains and buses.  So cool!  We are about to board our ferry here at the famous Sydney Opera House, despite it being overcast you can see that this is a beautiful city.  It reminds me of a tiny Hong Kong, building and ferries. I can't wait to see Cockatoo Island, when we mention if as our destination a pleasant look appears on everyone's face, I'm assuming that's a good sign. 

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