03 December 2015

Opera house & ferry to Cockatoo Island

Excited is not the word, we are geeked!!!! Look at our faces we have somehow managed to make it to 6 continents in 2015.  I knew we would someday make it to all continents but not in one calendar year.  Since we have been here, all of 2 hours whenever one of us feels super happy we stop and ask everyone to also stop, close their eyes and say THANK YOU!!! I started doing it and the kids loved it, so whenever they get the feeling they take the leadership and say "Ok everyone lets stop and say thank you!!!"  Then that's exactly what we do. 

What happy looks like 

Super windy ferry ride

Look at my new friends laughing and smiling with me. They got off at Covkatoo Island too but just for a tour, not to camp like us. 

Cloudy skies over a beautiful city

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