04 June 2012

Making history with Brussels Airlines

When we arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport there was quite a bit of confusion, we couldn't find the right terminal. The airport employees that we asked for directions had never heard of Brussels Airlines. To be honest neither had I until I bought the tickets. Finally we found a ticket agent from another airline who called around and found out that we should be at terminal 1. "Yea, today is their first flight that's why no one knew where to send you!". If you could have seen the looks on our faces!
Come to find out this new airline has been in existence in Europe for some time but it is new to New York. Whew!! It all started making sense this is why the tickets were so cheap and why there was no curb side check in sign for them. We were so happy to discover that Brussels Airline was child friendly beyond belief and the plane was gorgeous. As a token of our history making flight we were given 2 tiny silver planes wrap in small gift boxes and certificates marking BA's first new York flight. The back of each seat had a touch screen computers that offered movies, games, music, a real time global flight map, service call buttons, you name it... It was on that screen.
I settled in with a tear-jerker movie. The boys played endless games but after about 3 hours started watching a kids movie. Before that, however, the flight attendants gave them removable sticker story boards that had them fascinated. All the games and toys I prepared for them were unnecessary, Brussels Airlines was 2 steps ahead of me! And that ain't easy to do!
Before the flight I per-ordered our meals on-line. Dude got a kids meal, which consisted of spaghetti and meat balls, a salad, a fruit cup, and water. Zane insisted on the seafood meal that included a piece of fish, rice, veggies, and pasta salad. AlphaPoppa and I had chicken and rice with salad and a slice of cheesecake.
Our flight was 7 hours so halfway through our flight I forced the boys to turn off their seats' computer screens and go to sleep. This was my attempt to lessen the effects of jet lag. If they did not sleep on that flight they would miss Friday night's bedtime. So the plan was to make them sleep so they would not drop from exhaustion during our layover in Brussels. My plan helped but was not jet lag proof.
Before we got off the plane we were also served breakfast, a fruit cup, brownie (or muffin), and juice. Yes, we were served two meals on one flight! Once in Brussels we had a 3 hour layover, for those of us who need geography help with this city, it's the capital of Belgium (bordering France to the North East). There we passed through immigration and got our passports stamped. Woo-hoo you know how much I love that!
One thing I noticed is that we didn't have to fill out immigration paperwork on the plane. Most countries want to know where you will stay, for how long, and why you are visiting. In Belgium they just smiled, stamped our passports and sent us in the direction of our connecting flight. The airport there was almost entirely glass and sort of futuristic. While waiting for our flight Dude made a very important friend who later help us find our way in a new city. I will elaborate in my next post.
The second flight brought us into Berlin was smaller but great none-the-less. We grabbed our bags and left. The airport to find our bus.... There is only one problem, we have no earthly idea where to go. We just set foot out of the airport and we are already hopelessly lost!

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  1. I am enjoying this blog immensely! I feel like I am traveling with you all. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of your trip. :)