15 September 2013

In the Navy

After having soooo much fun last night I woke up with a pounding headache to serve as evidence of a time well had.  I drank lots of water and dozed in and out of sleep all morning.  It was a lazy Saturday for all us adults but for the 3 boys running around the house like animals it was more like kids gone wild.  Yuko and my sister-in-law decided to take the kids to the apartment building play room.    How brilliant, an indoor playroom!  That was definitely a winning idea.  By the time I met them down there the kids were sweaty, happy, and having as much fun as I'd had the night before.  Zane was the first one hungry so we walked to the 7-11 while the others stayed in the playroom.  
This was Zane's first time at the 7-11 and, like me, his eyes were wide open.  Imagine a health food store the size of a gasoline convenient store.  The sushi and salads were freshly prepared and packaged in the back and set out daily.  Soup items were also separated so customers could customize their own soup.  I was starving and put just about everything that looked good into my basket.  Okinori, butter bread, a dessert that looked like flan with whipped cream on top, Japanese potato chips, tuna salad, egg rolls, some fried pastry things that looked delicious, a pack of sushi, and a soup that included noodles, a boiled egg, cabbage, a hunk of tofu, and 3 other ingredients that I let the server choose.   The did not have anymore aloe yogurt.  I remembered cunada-chan saying aloe (ah-loo-eh) in Japanese to my nephew so I picked up the plain yogurt from the shelf and repeated to the store clerk "ah-loo-eh?" He knew what i meant, yey!  he said a few things in Japanese and held up his fingers in an X in front if his face. I, in turn, knew what HE meant. 

We rushed home to devour the food with AlphaPoppa and enjoyed all of the unknown treats.  The soup was the bomb.com, the egg roll the best ever had.  The sushi made me realize that even our best sushi in US can't touch Japanese 7-11 sushi, and the custard treat was truly a treat.  

AlphaPoppa is not a fan of sushi. Actually he won't even try it.  He's 100% Caribbean in all of his ways and the idea of eating uncooked fish is unthinkable.  I tried to explain to him that it's psychological and he can't fairly say he does like it until he tries it.  Like gives it a real, fair shot.  He hears me and watches everyone around him enjoy it, but he's just not ready to try. Hey! To each it's own, more sushi for me.
After eating, my brother in law came home from work.  There is a typhoon headed our way and he and his shipmates has to move their ship to a different pier out of the typhoon's path.  He was exhaust and took a good nap.  When he awoke we all headed out to the navy base to get a tour of his ship.  I was not expecting it to be as fun and interesting as it was.  My husband and the boys were in heaven. It's like someone let them loose on a giant war ship and allowed them see and touch everything.  Which to them was an unknown dream come true!  We were there for a few hours.  It really made me happy that we could come to the other side of the planet and share a major part of my brother-in-law's life.  He means so much to us and so does his family. This trip was truly a great idea, there is nothing more important than the people in our lives and spending time with them. 

After our tour it was dark and late we were all hungry so we stopped at my bro's favorite nearby Japanese Curry House called CoCoIchi.   The food did not look good to me and I was exhausted we all were.   the two smaller boys dude and A-chan were fast asleep and being carried by their dads.  I ordered the chicken version of what Cuñada-chan ordered, basically is was half a plate of curry sauce, half a plate of rice and a sliced chicken patty in the middle.  I got mild Yuko and Cuñada-chan got spicy.  The men and the kids sat at another table that was according to Zane "not for girls". 
We took the train back home and like the kids I was out for the count as soon as I got in the bed.

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