16 September 2013

Typhoon, sushi, and Sumo

In addition to it being a public holiday here it also is the day that the weather forecasters are predicting a typhoon.  Now the very mention of the word typhoon makes me think if a hurricane that could put New Orleans' Katrina to shame.  It's jus SOUNDS scary like imminent death and distraction all packing in a violent storm.  After asking and googling the definition of a typhoon I gathered that it is very much a stormthat ranges   in strength from tropical storm to full blown hurricane.   I'm the type of girl who likes to experience things mother nature's wrath is not on my bucket list, but I always seem to get right there in te mix.  Smoking volcanoes, forest fires, earthquakes, torrential downpours, I seem to find them all in my travels.  The wind gust during the typhoon today rattled and banged the apartment's sliding glass doors, it actually made me a little nervous.  I could see the trees swaying from side to side and even though nothin was physically hitting the glass sliding doors that lead to the balcony it sounded as if chairs were being tossed at them in an attempt to shatter them.  
During our time confides to the house waiting for the typhoon to pass Cuñada-chan took the opportunity to teach Zane how to make sushi.  He actually did a great job.  The ingredients included rice (of course), crab, shrimp, egg, and avocado. I took lots of picks and in sure hell be asking me to let him make sushi when we get back home.
The weather forecast estimated that the storm would have completely cleared our area by noon.  Before arriving here I was determined to realize one of my life long dreams... to see a real life Sumo wrestling match in Japan.  I searched online and coincidentally during our stay here was the beginning of a week longSumo  tournament with the tickets costing $40-up.  Look I don't have to have to best seats in the house to hang, shoot, as long as I'm in be building I'm good!  Cuñada-chan helped me purchase the tickets from the Japanese website and we were  proud owners of 5 sumo match tickets!   Once news that the typhoon would hit on the same day as the match we were a little concerned, the tickets are non-refundable and the truth of the matter is that we really wanted to go.  Bro had to work so we decided that the extra ticket would go to Yuko.  The four adults and Zane would have seats, the two little ones got in free and could sit in our laps. At noon as predicted the weather cleared up.  The rain stopped and the wind still blew but at a reasonable strength.  We got dressed and headed out on our hour and a half journey to the Sumo arena.  
I felt like a child at an amusement park for the first time.  When we got off he train at our final destination sumo wrestlers were strolling into the train station I. Their robes and Sumo flip flop.  I love it!  Even Yuko had  to laugh at me.  Our seats were not on he floor or even up close but they were perfect!  We had a great view and the atmosphere was like no other .  The matches were much more like a tournament with the day starting out with lesser known sumos fighting their matches and ending with the championship well- known fighters sealing the deal.  It was so enjoyable.  We can all honestly say it exceeded our expectations.  The ceremonies and cultural/ historic rituals before each match were graceful and heart felt.  I thought I'd faint from excitement.  We were all smiling SO big and flyer the match Zane and Dude recreated a Sumo round for us.  It was hilarious!  
Today was a monumental day for me. I've wanted this since I was small.  It was just crazy and outlandish to think it could ever happen.  If we look at life in black and white it never should have but I have a belief that I live my life by the negates all of that, during or lifetime we can do, be, have whatever we want.  But it doesn't come for free, the price is courage.  Often times we must walk blindly in faith that it will all work out if and only if we are brave enough to plant our feet on the next step without seeing where the rest of the staircase goes. The universe will conspire to provide you a life of your wildest dreams only if you have trust and believe that as you seek it? It is also seeking you.  As this serve as reaffirmation for me I hope it also does for you.  I will continue to reach for he thinks that call out to my spirit and I encourage you rondo the same, especially if it seems impossible.  I have learned that nothing in this life is impossible even the word itself tells us I'm  possible, all I can do is agree and say, yes we are!

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