18 September 2013

Sayonara Nihon!!

Right now we are at the airport waiting to board our flight.  The morning went smoothly. We caught our bus, arrive a little early to catch our train to the airport from te Yokohama station.  We arrived early enough at the airport to grab a little something to eat and to chillax.  While at the airport I took some origami pictures of the displays they had and just took time to reflect on the beauty and attention to detail that defines Japan.  
During my time here I also seem to have developed an obsession with the squat toilet .  I look for them wherever I go now.  As what seems to be a going away gift I found some at the airport.  The airport has 3 westerner sitting toilets and 3 squat toilets all the Asians there were waiting in line for the squat toilets.  I loved that it made me think about how it's more comfortable and natural for them just as he sitting toilets are comfortable and natural for us.  My curiosity for these toilets led me to research them especially how to use them.  First of all they are said to be healthier because when doing #2 the colon empties better with help of gravity and positioning.  I asked my sis-in-law was I supposed to take my pants off when using it and she seemed to think that was hilarious. "Erica, please do not take of your pants in the bathroom" I then flooded her with a ton of questions and she patiently explained to me what to do. So please allow me to share this info with you.  It was so simple that my "Ah-ha!" moment was major.  Just like in the US women don't sit on public toilet seats we just lower our pants to our knees and hover.  While using the squat toilet you do the same exact thing you just lower your backside lower and hover lower!!!  That's it!!! It's that simple!!!  The difficulty in this is that most Westerners are not flexible enough to get that low and stay.  So if you are from the Western Hemisphere and plan to visit the Eastern Hemisphere start squatting and stretching now! :-)
Our trip here has been sooo fantastic.  Somehow each day topped the day before.  I'm forever appreciative of my family and all the new friends I met.  We hope to return in the near future, there is so much that we still weren't able to see and do.  Next trip we plan to visit the Kabuki Theatre, take kimono/ samurai/ ninja pix and visit the small towns on the coast and countryside.  
Sayonara Nihon!  We love you and we will be back <3

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