19 January 2014

Easy Belizey!

Yesterday during the Iguana Farm tour the guide gently said under his breath," oh boy it's gonna rain." 
-"what's that?" I asked
-"it's going to rain", he repeated
-"well my app says even though it's over cast today there's no rain in the forecast and tomorrow will be sunny and 85°"
-with a chuckle he pionted at a plant with huge ants marching up and down the stem. "You see these? These are leaf cutters ants," he pointed down the stem and his finger followed 2 meter long line of ants marching along the ground into a nearby hole. ,"They are cutting leaves.  They gather the leaves and put them in a big pile.  When the rain hits the pile it turns to a fungus that the ants will eat during the bad weather." He then added with a nod," it will rain".

Now which would you believe?  The app or the ants?  After we left the Iguana Farm there was no rain. After we ate dinner there was no rain. When I finally went to bed at midnight... Still no rain.  But let me tell you, when I woke up at 8:30 am there was plenty of rain.  The ants were right!! And as I checked my app it still showed no rain in Belize!  

Normally I love rain.  But not today. Rain meant that my tour for today was ruined. Since I'm forever hopeful I decided not to get ahead of myself, just take one step at a time.  The first step was getting dressed and getting breakfast.  After laying around and playing around for a while we left for Pop's restaurant and about 10:30, while the rain continued to gently fall.
Once again Pop's was packed but we were lucky enough to walk in just as a family was getting up.  Right behind us entered a 20 something year old backpacker.  Once we settled into our booth I waved over for her to join us... After all that's the Belizean Way, right?  She sat next to me and dude and we chatted about everything.  Her name was Christina from Colorado. She was backpacking solo from Belize to Cartagena, Colombia.  She was planning to take a combo of boats and buses to get to Cartagena.  She had the same happy fearless attitude that many backpackers have.  I love that she was going on an adventure making up things as she went along, I think I loved her just a little more when I noticed she was wearing a hearing aide.  I have nothing but respect for people who are unstoppable in following their dreams. 

Once we finished breakfast we headed back to the hotel.  While the guys were fiddling around in the room, I sat out on the hotel balcon just to enjoy the air.  While out there I met more backpackers. This time it was Bunny and Bob Davis a retired coupled from Dallas, TX.  They were using their retirement years to see the world and return home just long enough to spoil their grand kids. They told me of their great adventures country hopping in Europe last summer and about all the fabulous things they'd done so far in Belize.  Despite their all white hair and additional years of life experience they were out backpacking like "young kids".  They are proof that youth is ageless.  I hope to be like them when I grow up, something tells me I will be.  Belize is really backpackers heaven, wether you are 4 or 70!

As I was talking to Bunny and Bob the rain stopped and the sun came out, parting the clouds.  I saw this as an immediate call to action I announced the sun to AlphaPoppa and the boys and we decided to see if we could still do our tour to Xanantunich Ruins.  We walked to the main square and found a taxi driver to take is there.  Unsure if it was open today the driver agreed that he's only charge is for one way ($10) if it was closed.  It was about a 10 minute drive to the river crossing and once we got there the guard/ river crossing guy told us the path was closed for cars, boats, and walkers!  There was no chance of us going there.  From what I'd read it was the most spectacular of them all.  This is just another excuse for us to return to Belize.  

Once we got back to town we did our best to find other tours. The only appealing one was cave kayaking but for $195 that was a no go!  We have been basically forced into taking it easy today. Which might be best since I just found out our bus leaves at 3am tomorrow morning!!  So as I sit here in my hammock I raise my banana smoothly to taking my day to be easy Belizey!

Dude on the other hand is snuggled up with then hotel manager and her puppy. He always finds a grandma wherever we go!  

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