17 January 2014

IRS ballin' to Belize

As soon as we got back from South Africa I received the most pleasant surprise by mail.  My well fought over tax return from 2011.  I fought a good fight and won, an unexpected check was my reward.  So what was my first thought.  The only thought that a true travel junkie could have.  Where can this money take us?  With a long weekend coming up for the MLK holiday what better way to celebrate liberty than to be free to roam.  We needed some place close, cheap, and WARM!  We needed Belize.  I immediately booked a flight, then began a search for cheap accommodations using my fave app airbnb.   My surprise check was not THAT big, ha! We'd get there but as always we'd be ballin' on a budget.

So this is the plan... I found a place for $40 a night for the 4 of us, Hotel Tia Maria.  When we get to Belize we need to take a taxi to the bus terminal then we can catch a bus to San Ignacio where the hotel is.  Some time before we leave we will see pyramids, the zoo, and caves.  Solid plan huh? That's the plan but as always we will just go where the wind blows us. 

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