21 January 2014

Truly un-Belize-able

This weekend was a great family get away.  We are already planning out what we will do when we return.  Being here gave me a better sense in how to plan things next time.  

On our next visit we will head to the beach first, and spend about 2 nights in Hopkins or Placencia, (maybe a night in each place!) then we will head back to Belize City a to catch the same cheap bus to San Ignacio so we can see Xanantunich pyramids and go caving.  If we really have time and money perhaps crossing over into Guatemala for a day trip to Tikal.  I would also hope to fit the zoo in there somewhere. 

Today things went much smoother it just require an immense amount of Patience.  We all slept well and comfortable at the Global Village Hotel, they even gave us a free egg sandwich breakfast with OJ or coffee. It was sooo perfect and totally hit the spot!  We headed out early to the airport, many other of the standby passenger who missed the previous days flight where also there. Including our travel angel, Ms Swan.  The plane was delayed coming out of Atlanta by and hour and a half so we made more friends, colored with our new coloring books and crayons, snacked, and played games.  

Habanero sauce that AlhaPoppa requested

Belizean speak standard English and kriol (a Caribbean-like dialect that is classified as it's own language).  Kriol is also a written language that is gaining popularity as written text.  Ms Swan shared an example of such with the kriol bible they use at her church.  Take a look to see if you can read these verse from the hebrooz  Chapter.  I suggest you read out loud with a Caribbean accent in mind. 

We have so many great pictures and videos that we look forward to sharing with you.  I'm still editing the "show" we filmed in South Africa, so I will begin editing our UnBelizeable adventure episode once I'm done with that.  

Thank you all for allowing us to share our adventures with you.  If you are not already a traveler I hope we inspire you to  see the world, met its citizens, and broaden your horizons.  If you are a traveler we hope to cross paths with you on our journeys. You never know, maybe we with be each other's travel angels. 


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