17 January 2015

Back to the future in Hong Kong

 I would say our flights to Hong Kong had to be the hardest we've had.  We actually flew back in time (from Atlanta to Seattle) in a 4 1/2 hour flight. Then flew back to the future from west Seattle to Hong Kong for a 12 hour flight.  We left Atlanta 8:10 am Thursday and arrived in hong kong 8:30pm Friday night.  If it wasn't for the 4 hour lay over in Seattle it could have been much worse.  The Seattle to Hong Kong flight was grueling, but well worth it.  Dude and I sat together while Alpha Poppa and Zane sat further back in the bulk head with extra leg room.  I watched 3 movies during the flight. The first was called "the good lie" featuring Reese Witherspoon as she helped refugee from Sudan relocate to Kansas. Why do I always find tear-jerker a on these international flights? And why don't these movies warn you that they will make you cry like a baby in public!  After that I watched Land Ho an independent film about two retired guys going to Iceland to get heir groove back. Then I watched guardians of the Galaxy.  I of course slept the best I could but it wasn't easy at all.  Dude is lucky enough to be able to curl up and sleep well.

When we finally landed I wanted to jump out of my skin with excitement I couldn't believe we'd made it!  We grabbed our backpacks, headed through immigration, exchange our currency to Hong Kong dollars (exchange rate $1USD to $7.70 Hong Kong dollars) and before we knew it we were in Hong Kong's airport walking toward the exit with a taxi driver.  Hong Kong we are here!

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