27 January 2015

After the Buddha

After our pleasant excusion to The Giant Buddha.  We made a stop at the mall near the pier and the Central MTR Station.   As soon as we entered we figured it was a good time for a bathroom break for the kids.  Of course they were in and out of the bathroom in about 5 minutes will I didnt even attempt the ladies room line that extended out of the bathroom, down a hallway, and out into the main mall area.  Are women all over the world waiting in line just to pee?!?!?!  Its so ridiculous, there has to be a better way for us poor women (insert sad face here).

We walked around the overwhelming large and expensive mall for about a half hour.  By then it was 6pm Hong Kong time and 5 am Atlanta time, jet lag was coming after us all, so we figured it was best to quickly grab food and head back to our apartment for rest.   After walking a few blocks we found a noodle shop and decided that it was the place for us.  It was sooo confusing figuring out how to order.   Here's what we did:  enter the restaurant, seat ourselves, look at the menu, and wait.  After about a half hour of no service and confusing instructions we figured out what we REALLY should have done; enter restaurant, stop at hostess, order and pay for our food at her booth, take our ticket to the kitchen window, take a seat, retrieve our food from the kitchen window when our number was calles (in cantonese).  Finally we all ordered, sat, and started eating our respective bowls of noodles; beef noodles, spicy noodles. and god knows what else noodles.  Although the meu provided translations they were vague and we basically pointed at what looked good in the pictures. Dude and Zane killed their bowls of noodle and were very very happy travelers.  I thoroughly enjoyed whatever meat/ noodle combo I was eating, but poor AlphaPoppa just picked through his dinner unenthusiastic about more noodles for the day.   Zane has always been a master at using chock stills and Dude did great using them too,  his sense of determination when trying to master something is admirable.  He is not new to chopsticks but they aren't a daily practice for his five year old hands.  Every now and then I helped shover a few noodles in his mouth or helped pile his soup spoon with them in an attempt to help out.  After our dinner it was about 7:30 pm, dark and chilly, the next goal was to get home and get in bed.  

Our train ride was seamless and the walk home from the metro station guided by AlphaPoppa's GPS and out AirBnB hosts' texted directions got us home in no time.  We decided to pile up on snacks, water, and juice in case anyone woke up in the middle of the night hungry.  AlphaPoppa bought a foot-long subway sandwich, since he didnt eat much for dinner and all the chinese resaurants weren't take-out.   When you travel, especiallly with kids you have to stay 3 steps ahead.

As soon as we arrived home the kids collapsed asleep and AlphaPoppa and I drifted off shortly after.

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