17 January 2015

When you realize Hong King is King Kong

Our drive into the city blew my mind.  To the point where I was confused.  Can this be real?  As a native New Yorker I've been to quite a few major cities... Miami, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Johanesburg, and nothing I mean nothing can touch my city.  I always felt comfort in knowing that NYC was the biggest and best in the world.  All that pride was crushed during a 30 minute drive into the city.  There were too many tall building to count and they were brand spanking new!  The Harbour was massive with too many ports and cranes to count.  The city sparkled and danced before my eyes as were crossed futuristic bridges and passes through high-tech (non-leaking) under water tunnels.  How in the world was this possible?

It felt like a slap in the face.  Hong Kong bitch-slapped my city and there is nothing we can do about it, nothing.  After 30 minutes of heartbreak my curiosity took over. Then the excitement came.  After getting turned around a time or two we arrived at our apartment.  The host was not there but was readily available via text and phone to make sure we arrived.  I was so pleased to see our room looked just like the AirBnB pictures and description.

We all took our showers and got in bed.  If never been so excited to fall asleep, just so I could wake up and explore.  

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