18 February 2015

Beach bums

Before Chris dropped us off we gave him his $100 plus $40 tip for the hard sincere help he offered us in finding out family.  We also gave Pauline $10 thank you tip for connecting us with Chris.  We came home hit the beach across the street for a couple of hours.  The beach was filled with sunday locals chilling with family, friends, and lovers.  The water was refreshingly cool occasionally touching on warm.  

Pauline made sure the hot water was on so we took hit showered and lounged around for a while.  We walked down the strip and bought souvenirs and ice cream. After 2 hour we were back at the hotel so my dad could take a nap.

The wifi here at the hotel is pretty terrible and I get my best connection on the porch.  Our hotel neighbor was also outside and struck up a convo with us.  
Earl lives in Maryland bug has plenty of family here in Jamaica.  He visits and least once a year to see them and to keep up with property here.  He was a very interesting man having 28 counties? Including Yemen, Cuba, Ethiopia, and a plethora of Asia, European, and South American countries.  He's currently on the terrorist watch list for visit Oman and was arrested for two days in Cuba years ago for being accused of not paying his bar tab.  I knew the universe would make sure I crossed paths with another crazy explorer with great travel stories.  It was a fantastic 2+ hours of conversation. 

After a while my dad woke up from his nap and we were ready to eat dinner again.  We decided on the same pelican restaurant,  I had codfish fritters for an appetizer and jerk Chicken as a main dish,  my dad chose curry goat and white rice.  Dinner quickly filled us and we needed a way to work off the food.  We ended up in the nearby park that was once again filled,  there was also a birthday party for a young child there, equipt with jumpy houses and a DJ it made the park even more charming than it had been the night before.  

After getting a drink at the bar near our hotel my dad was ready to hit the sack again and I was eager to update you on a day of miracles and beach bumming.

Video compilation of our many days at Doctor's Cove Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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