17 February 2015

Journey home

For our journey to the airport and eventually home we were confident that we did not need a taxi. We had quickly become acclimated to Hong Kong's metro system and decided we could get to the airport on our own and save money by not paying a taxi.  After grabbing a quick StarBucks breakfast.  We didn't have much time to hang out so we put on our backpacks and were subway bound.  We followed the indicated route on the  metro map to the airport express station.  Got off the train into a sea of five foot three inch tall dark hair adults, following the sign to airport train.  We speed walked through several halls, went up an escalator and followed the signs.  After about 15 minutes we ended up in an almost isolated area in front of a ticket counter, manned by one agent.

He verified that we were in the right place to catch the express train to the airport and made sure we got a discount rate for traveling with children.  Minutes after taking our seats the doors closed and we flashed  through tunnels and glided across city landscapes.  We alternated between ear-popping underwater speedways to glimpses of the harbor cranes piling goods on humongous barges.  Eventually the scenery became more spacious, the skyscrapers disappeared, we were between a well paved highway and the ocean shoreline.  

Video: airport express ride

As we stepped out of our speedy chariot and entered the airport, all eyes went up to the massive glass ceiling.  Light poured in and the spaciousness had us in awe.  After checking in we still had time to spare and Hong Kong dollars to spend.  I bought gifts for the kids' teachers and souvenirs to decorate our home.  With the approaching Chinese new year, there were many traditional trinkets to choose from.  When Dude wasn't looking I got a Lego set to keep him and his brother occupied on our 12 hour flight to Seattle, Washington.  


We passed through security, immigration, went up and down escalators and took another train before arriving at our departure gate.  The gate agent was awesome enough to assign us the 4 middle seats where we could be together.  

The kids dove into their Lego set and got to work.  They divided up their tasks and were extremely proud of the finished produce.

Hong Kong was definitely good to us.  We definitely want to revisit in hopes to see Macau and to do some of the many things we couldn't cover in this visit.  There are so many great cities and cultures in the world to see and experience.  I am a firm believer that each journey chooses us,  I look forward to where we will be given the honor of going next.  

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