17 February 2015

Making deals in Jamaica

We passed through immigration and customs in a flash.  Taxis were ready to pounce on arriving tourist so within minutes we were headed to our hotel, irie inn.  According to the numerous reviews it was at a great central location close to the airport, margaritaville party strip and was managed by the ever helpful and lovely Paulina.  

5 minutes and $15USD later we were at irie inn and greeting by Paulina.  She regretfully informed us that our room wasn't cleaned yet and asked that we return in an hour.  She suggested the public beach directly across the beach or a nearby restaurant.  I happily traded my sneakers in for my sandals.  My dad changed his shirt and we were off to the beach, Doctor's cove. 

The beach was a little slice of heaven. It was like a little Bay Area of turquoise water and gentle waves.  Many local families and a good number of tourist were enjoying it fully, we joined in the fun.  We found a comfortable spot sitting on the branches of a beach tree.  We talked and people watch.  I soaked my feet in the water and took lots of pix.  

Once the room was ready at 2 we went back to the inn and started talking to Pauline about our mission.  She eagerly let us know that she would find people to help.  After a short while she pointed us in the direction of downtown Montego Bay to get bug repellent from the farms via.  Jamaica much like the rest of the Caribbean was hit hard by chickungunya and we wanted to make sure we took all proper precautions to prevent it.   The first farmacy we went to didn't have repellent so we walked further into town to find another farmacy.   The area was filled with young lovals getting ready for Valentine's Day.  So many affectionate couples, it was adorable.  After finding the repellent for $770jd ($7.70 usd) we had dinner at island grill. I ate brown stew fish and my dad had a small curry chicken. It was delicious.

Brown stew dish

By the time we got back to the room Pauline found us a driver that would charge us $100 to stay and chofer us for 5 hours the following day in search of our long lost family.  Other drivers were asking $160, but she helped us haggle for more of a discount.  We made a deal and the driver is expected to arrive at 9am in the morning.  

Before I knew it I was knocked out in blissful sleep across my new bed not waking up until sunset.  I woke up to a pretty good movie and once it was over we decided to hit the strip to see what The night scene was like.  Little did I know we were in the middle of a lovers paradise.  It was very fitting to be with my dad on Valentine's Day, the Jamaican sea breeze made it precious father daughter time and

Video: strolling around Montego Bay, Jamaica

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