15 March 2012

E.C.H.O. Explorer, Citizen of the world, Humanitarian, Optimist

Hello world!

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my global adventures.  This travelogue was created to fill many important purposes.  I hope to inspire others to travel authentically; fully experiencing the cultures, local people, languages, food, music, and perspectives of the countries they visit.  I hope to teach others how to travel on a tight budget and most importantly with small children.  I hope to help people who have not had the opportunity to travel to see that internationally we are all very different, but fundamentally we are the same.  I hope to give confidence and courage to those of you reading this message to push past your fear and happily jump out of your comfort zone.  It is our birthright as citizens of this planet to experience it to the fullest; with this philosophy as my foundation I extend an open heart to all of those who follow me on my journeys.

I dedicate this travelogue to my children and family as a living growing memory of our adventures and our love.

Con amor,

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  1. This is great! Looking forward to reading what's next~