30 March 2012

OK, this is how we got lost....

Yes, I got lost.  I thought it was impossible after traveling so much, but it happened.  I blame the fact that my host dad drove us to Ileri, instead of us walking AND getting bad directions.  While lost Dude was happily walking, talking about the birds, trying not to get hit by speeding cars, and just be plain ole happy little Dude.  Now Zane on the other hand had melt down number 2 in less than 24 hours.  He missed AlphaPoppa, FoxyMama, and he knew he´d never see them again... so dramatic.  We eventually back tracked, I followed my instict, and we made it home.  I even took some good pictures.

 coconuts for sale

 neighborhood watch

 Zane´s favorite tree
License plates

beautiful flowers in my neighborhood

beautiful yellow tree

Conchita was waiting for us with big smile, a great dinner, and a load of ice cream for the boys.  She also had a little soccer ball for dude as an early birthday present.  He was elated!  This kind treatment is priceless, wobbly beds are not greater than love.  Right now Zane and the Bermudan kids are laid out on the couches watching a Brazilian soccer game (in  Portuguese).  We have been sweating since we woke up so I think its time for another shower.

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