30 March 2012

Flying high. Laying low.

 Dude coloring the Panamanian flag on our flight

My plan worked and the flight went well.  Well except for Zane having a mental breakdown because Dude wouldn`t move out of the window seat.  Once I settled the conflict Dude colored for a little, then literally collapsed into a deep sleep.  He slept about half the flight, but luckily woke up in a good mood.  The flight was 4 hours, not too bad. 

 Bienvenidos a Panamá

When we arrived we went through customs and immigration.  We were all so happy to get that Panamanian stamp in our passports.  Our driver meet us outside holding a sign with my name on it.  As soon as we got to him we could feel the HEAT.  Even though our intro to Panama was at night it was still thrilling.  Every American fast food chain is represented here, but bigger and better!  McDonald's even delivers!  We drove through China Town, past high rises, and monster malls.  After we dropped all of my students to their host families we arrived at ours.  

 Our homstay bedroom

Our hosts are wonderful, but our beds.... not so much.  We have two wobbly beds that squeak like pigs going to slaughter.  Every time Zane rolled over we giggled like crazy people.  His bed was so wobbly that he looked like he was part of a circus balancing act.  We decided he'd be less sea sick in my bed with me, which instead had a dip in the middle kinda like the letter u.  Despite the heat, squeaks, and three to a full size bed we slept well.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.............

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