08 April 2013

Cemeteries, vomit, and basketball (Sunday)

Our morning started off with a rushed breakfast that Dude refuses to eat... Again! Our tour started off as a walking tour of the city of Granada. We started out early in hopes of avoiding the heat but that quickly showed itself as an impossible feat. We walked over to a nearby cemetery to look around and to get a quick history lesson on how the Spanish came to Nicaragua and started their cruel colonization process. It was an interesting lessons and my students and chaperones asked a lot of great questions.

Cemeteries in Nicaragua are above ground and are quite different from most American cemeteries. We walked around looking at the intricate tombs and after a while decided to get to cool drinks and shade as soon as possible. While leaving the cemetery dude told me that he had to do #2 and that it was an emergency. We had to duck behind a tree to let him go. This may be too much information but it came out like a gush of chocolate milk , it was so gross! This is why when you travel with kids you should always have wet wipes in your purse. I'm so happy that i had them on hand. Afterward he said he felt better. Within 10 minutes we were in a nearby restaurant drinking Gatorade and grabbing a small lunch. I should have known that something was wrong when dude asked to go #2 and then again. Right when we were about to leave he reached his little arms up for me to lift him, as soon as I did he throw up in my face hair and down my shirt!!! Oh the glamour of motherhood. It was DISGUSTING!!! The restaurant owner our tour guide and my students help me clean us up as much as they could but we were just a mess! Once we left the heat beat down on us so I made the decision to leave the group under the control of our guide and the other teachers so that I could get dude back home where it was a little cooler and more relaxing. We jumped in a taxi and headed back to our host family. Throughout the day he threw up a few more times and started getting a little fever. The host family offered to call a doctor to come make a house call to check on him. Nicaragua has free healthcare (including medical house calls ). I told them that if he continued to throw up that I'd take them up in their offer but it was still a little soon. After taking some tylenol and a nice long nap, he woke up more upbeat and more like himself.
Around 7 pm our host brother-in-law asked us to John him at te basketball court to watch him play with his very small league. Since dude seemed to feel a little better we decided to join him. While dude and I sat and watched Zane played catch with some kids and had a great time. After about an hour there I left Dude in his seat so I could go to the bathroom by the time I returned (5minutes later) he had already thrown up again!!! Thank goodness it wasn't much and he continued to play with his friends as if nothing had happened. Lets see how he does tomorrow!

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