07 April 2013

Plane delays thurs April 4

Our whole journey to Nicaragua consisted of flight delay after flight delay. Our flight leaving Atlanta was delayed while we were on the runway, apparently storms in ft lauderdale were to blame for an hour late departure. Once in ft lauderdale we ( me, Zane, Dude, 11 of my students, and 3 adult chaperones) ate dinner from Nathan's and laid around whole e waited for our 11:48 flight that was delayed 3 times. We finally left at 2:50 am. That didn't get us into Managua until very late. Our bus and driver patiently waited for us and we took off for Granada in the wee hours of the morning. We were dropped off to our host families 2 by 2 and were told to take an hour long nap, eat, wash up and get ready to begin our busy busy day.

When we arrived at our new bedroom dude was ecstatic to see that our room has "tents"! Oh yea this trip is going to be a winner.

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