10 April 2013

First day of class

Dude held up pretty well through the night. He woke up happy, without fever, but still refusing to eat. Today is the first day if class for my students. I'm so surprised that they love their classes! Shout out to Casa Xalteva for pleasing a very difficult audience. They said they speak a lot in class, play a lot of games and laugh... A LOT. The most important thing is that they are learning while on their own cultural journey.

Dude took a long long nap today and woke up ready to eat. Alpha Poppa spoke to dude's pediatrician today and they think its a 24 hour virus that needs to run its course, I think they're right. The rest of the day was chill and calm. After an amazingly delicious dinner we all say outside on the porch talking and enjoying the night breeze. This seems to be what the whole city does ever night. It's amazing how open ever house is. The people leave their doors and windows wide open all night. Few places in earth feel this safe.

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