07 April 2013

Drinks from a bag, ceramics, and Mimes (Saturday April 6)

Today was filled with pleasant surprises. We slept in late and had a chance to spend a little time with our host families. We live in a house with children and boy are my kids happy they have playstation in the house and a park across the street, new friends and even a dog to seal the deal. My host family is super sweet and boy can my mama cook!
We met up with my students at Casa Xalteva at 10am and laid around catching the breeze. We late walked from house to house meet host families and checking everything out. One of the host families had a store and we tried natural fruit drinks served in a bag. words cant describe how delicious they were. After lunch with our host familia our tours began.
We met up at 1pm for tours and stared with a lesson in how ceramics have been made for thousands of years here in Nicaragua. The process was amazing . They get clay from a special part of the country, dance in of for 3 1/2 hours to prepare for spinning, then mold it using a foot propelled machine. They paint and shine it over 26 days and cook it in an ancient kiln until its perfect. We were all amazing!
After our ceramics lesson we went to a local fruit stand to try new fruit that had no English equivalent for a name. Some were sweet others bitter or sour. We also locales at the well-known high quality local plants grown and sold in that area..
We then went to the Laguna Look-out. It was breath-taking! We rode horses took pix and laughed it up. Formerly a volcano this Laguna is not a fresh water whole and is the cleanest water in the country.
Our last stop was the panaderia for sweet bread and off we went back to Casa Xalteva, but not for long. We all went home to quickly freshen up and head to a Mime Show that features local kids as an initiative to educate them, teach them comedy and acting, and basically to keep them off the streets. The show was awesome Zane and Dude ooohed and aahed just like the rest of us.

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