18 October 2013

Bermuda Bound!

This is the first solo trip i've taken in 10 years!!  Did you hear me say T-E-N!!  When I started out in my journeys they were always solo.  No one else had the time, money, or courage to travel with me.  However, since having a husband and kids for the last 10 years I've had travel buddies by default.  People told me with the birth of my eldest that "all the crazy traveling will have to stop".  Little did they know.  I just started packing the baby (later babies) up and took them along for the ride.  For me this is not really a choice, it's a lifestyle and the urge to see, learn, and explore is a force that calls to every cell in my body.  It's what my mom calls the "Call of the wild" and I am her wild-child. 
So why Bermuda this time around? Great question.  It actually wasn't my first choice.  I was originally planning for a weekend in Belize.  I needed a location that was international, but close.  Beautiful, but affordable.  In comparing accommodations Belize was much more economical than over- priced Bermuda, but the problem I ran into with Belize was finding a homestay.  We all know that I'm not a hotel kinda girl.  It's too isolating. I have to hang with the locals and get the real 411on where I'm visiting.  When things got down to the wire I still didn't have a homestay in Belize but I did have a dear friend in Bermuda that had no problem with me visiting her and her family.  Whoop whoop Bermuda wins!
So here we go at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airport, carry-on bag only, passport and camera.  I'm super excited to go somewhere new and to see my friend!  Let's do it!!

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