20 October 2013

A ferry beautiful day!

 Once again my lazy butt slept in late.  I must really need this rest!  I must admit though, I do miss the boys and AlphaPoppa.  Next visit here hopefully they all will join me.  I'd love them to spend the day making new friends and playing with the kids here.  I think they'd learn so much, just like I have!
 Today's journey was another gem.  We took the bus to downtown Hamilton and bought a ferry ticket to the Royal Naval Dockyard.  While waiting for the ferry we shopped in the downtown area, mostly just looking at outrageous prices and taking pictures.  Once we returned to Hamilton Harbour I saw that the ferry was much more than I'd expected.  For just $4 it certainly couldn't be that much.  Little did I know!  It was pretty bad-ass!   The air conditioned bottom deck was packed with passengers from a docked enormous Norwegian cruise ship so we sat up stairs in the shaded deck.  The 15 minute ride was breathtaking.  I took pictures and videos for just about the whole trip.   We passed mansions, yachts, wind sailers, islands, a ginormous  barge passed by us roaring like a fat snoring old man....  When we finally arrived I'd decide that those 15 minute had already made the rest of the day perfect.  Once we go back to solid ground we agreed that Ice cream was needed.  We ordered our cones and decided to look at the forts and the dockyard.  One thing I hear often from the people I visit is that having an out if town visitor is always a pleasure they get a chance to see their city as a tourist and momentarily escape from the monotony of everyday life and it's responsibilities.  Rhonda was no exception.  I try to always be a good guess.  Paying for everything I can, helping wash dishes, holding good conversation.  I save so much by not paying for a hotel that a homestay is a win-win for all.  Unfortunately we'd jut missed the last dockyard tour but we were able to see te fort and the local art for sale.  We decided to take the bus back to Hamilton  Harbour.  By the time we finished stroking and talking it was staring to get dark so we hopped in a taxi and headed home.  
I leave tomorrow afternoon so im still thinking of how I should spend my last morning here.  As always I'll make a flexible plan then just wait to see what life gives me. 

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