21 October 2013

Bye-bye Bermuda

For my last morning here I only had two things on the agenda.  The first was to see the world famous Johnnie Bonds.  I first heard about Johnny Bonds from a lesson my son's school did about happiness.  Johnny Bonds was named "the happiest man in the world".  He got this title by making it his life mission to spread happiness, and he does this from the small yet big-hearted island of Bermuda.  Every morning from 6am- 11am (right before it gets too hot) this always smiling 80+ year old man stand on the side of one of the countries busiest intersections blowing kiss to those who pass shouting out "I love you!"  He immediately captures the hearts of local Bermudians, tourist, and travelers.  Where I come from this outright act of love and kindness would be associated with mental illness making us very uncomfortable.  But when you look at Mr.  Bond's actions from a spiritually perspective and from the heart you see that he may be one of few rooted in reality in a world that seems to be becoming sicker and more dangerous.  Unfortunately, I was a little too late to see Mr. Bonds this morning.  The life-size statute that the government has put up of him however stands tall and proud in his place as a reminder (to those of us who don't get to see him in person) that love and kindness is the purpose of life.  
My second and final item on my list was to drop off post cards for loved ones back home.  Since I'm always on such a tight budget one of my money saving tricks is to send postcards home from my destinations.  People actually love this gesture.  It always surprises me when I visit my parents or friend and I see a postcard from 9 years ago tucked in the frame of their bedroom mirror.  Buying a t-shirt for everyone cost way too much and creates more baggage for me to bring home.  Post cards however have a beautiful picture, let's people know that they were on your mind enough to write them a thoughtful message, and even if they arrive a week after I've return it always a pleasant surprise to find amongst a stack of bills.  Yesterday I bought 4 postcards for $1BD and it cost me $2.80BD to send them off.  Even though I'll be home in 3 hours, those postcards will make 4 people smile when they arrive in a few days or weeks.  
Right now I'm at the airport for an early check-in.  My belly is full, my heart is content, and I have one hell-of-a view from where I'm sitting and chilling.  As soon I get home I will start budgeting and planning for my next trip (btw apart from the plane ticket) I spent less than $100 in these 3 days, I would have spent twice as much at home in gas and groceries.  I think I just came up with my new travel motto, "travel cheap, travel often".  Let me know what you think of it or please share if you would like to donate a motto that describes Echo and her Journeys.

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  1. I love this blog entry on this rainy Sunday. You have the best spirit. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Have you considered writing a travel book for tired broke mothers (lol) or/and writing pieces for travel and destination magazines (both in print and online)? Just some ideas... :) I look forward to reading about your next adventure.