27 May 2015

Around town in Reykjavik

After taking my nap I figured I should stick up on snacks and drinks.  We bundled up and just started walking to the right.  The goal was to find a restaurant then a convenient store to from where we could purchase said snacks.  The wind was ripping through us, and a cute Icelandic girl in sticking and cut-off denim shorts and no coat came walking in our direction.  I stopped her for directions and she pointed us to the corner bus stop to get downtown to find a restaurant.  On the walk there I saw a store that I believed to be convenient store.  As we approached that is exactly what we'd happened upon.  We bought yogurt, strawberries, and apple, an orange , Icelandic ramen noodles, apple juice and a huge bottle of water. 

The cashier greeted me in full, fast, and fluent Icelandic.  I giggled and was like "did you really think I was going to be able to respond in Icelandic?!" He grinned," but of course!"  I immediately had a new friend and started my free Icelandic language lessons! Woohoo!  We made a cute video that I'll put in the next post.


We then went home to to put it all away then to head out to find hot cooked food! 

Once we got back to the bus stop that ms shorts in 30° pointed us to 45 minutes ago.  I Hs to ask 3 teenage boys for help.  How much is the bus?  What stop do I get off at?  Icelandic is wicked so they told me but I couldn't understand how to even spell it.  The kids pointed it out for me on the bus schedule and taught me how to use it.  A golden rule of travel: take pictures of maps and bus routes etc.  it makes life 1000xs easier. So above is our route and here is our video. 

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