27 May 2015

First 7 hours in Iceland

Getting into Iceland was a breeze.  No immigration form, no declaring your intended address, etc.  good thing because I still didn't book an AirBnB yet! I got a reply from one renter but she lived in the outskirts of Reykjavik and I wanted something closer to the city center.  After passing through what barely counts as security and immigration, I exchanged money and stopped at a both to ask where our shuttle bus to the blue lagoon departs from.  I'd bought our entrance tickets and shuttle transportation from the airport to the blue lagoon then the blue lagoon to Reykjavik city centre.  The shuttle hasn't arrived, we were early but right on time a renter in the downtown area replies that his apartment was available.  Woohoo!  I renter it right away, and let him know we would arrive after the visiting the blue lagoon.  After about 15 minutes we boarded the bus and were on our way. 

Iceland is definitely different than everywhere else we've been.  There are barely trees and volcanic rock is all over the place. This rock is covered with moss.  It's the strangest more intriguing thing I've ever seen. 

Airport to Blue Lagoon bus ride

I forced the kids to sleep on the plane and luckily we all did because we needed stamina to match our level of excitement.

Entering the Blue Lagoon 

Inside the Blue Lagoon

Lunch and hike at the Blue Lagoon

Hiking the Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik city center

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