28 May 2015

Gulfloss waterfall

At the Geysir stop we ran in quickly to eat a buffet style lunch and use the bathroom.  Whether your traveling with children or not, NEVER pass up a chance to use the bathroom, and if your in Iceland to also get tissue for your runny nose and eyes! Yea, the wind makes your eyes water here!we then got back on the bus for another 10 minute drive to Gullfloss waterfall.  

Glacier covered mountain over Gullfloss

I decided to stop by the shop to buy stamps forms postcards and mail them off before going to the waterfall.  The whole bus and other bus loads of people were rushing there and I wanted to go after them so we could take our time and not have to fight for views and pictures. 

My plan worked well first we took pic of the waterfall sign then headed down the loooong stair case to see this magnificent sight. 

I didn't really understand from the picture that the waterfall was 2 tiered. So when I actually saw it I was captivated. 

Look at the valley the the second tier falls into. That's a glacier to the left. 

Another glacier on the right on the cliff.

Pictures of us at the top tier. 

Shot out to my Zane my professional photographer 
But let me end this with a selfie 

Video of Gullfloss waterfall.  You can see in the first clip that I could only see the top tier.

There was a long dirt path to bring you right to the cliffs overlooking the falls. 

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