28 May 2015

Fridheimar tomato greenhouse farm, horses, and toilet paper 3 videos

According to the guide Iceland is the land of greenhouses and they depend on them to feed the population in such cold weather.  The tomato greenhouses that we visited was soooo cool (well warm really, but you know what I mean).  The owner was there to greet and educate us.  They also had a little restaurant to get sandwiches, pastries, tomato soup, and other tomato products.  

Iceland tallest trees at the greenhouse farm entrance. 

Info on the farm- in several languages 

Here is the owner talking about how they don't use pesticides.  There are two reasons why.  First there aren't many bugs in Iceland due to the cold.  Second they have a "good bug" here that eats the "bad bugs" he makes sure he has a phletora of the good bug in his greenhouse.  He also has many bees in the greenhouse because the tomato plants must be pollinated.  He says "the male bees are kind of lazy because they are always too busy looking for a new queen... Just like men!" He got a good laugh from that one.  

Close up pix of bees in the box. 

Baby tomato plants

Tomato video:

After looking at the tomato a we went outside to the horses, I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed them.  Dude was his typical brave self ready to meet and pet the horses. Zane got a good selfie with a horse in his phone.  He hasn't sent it to me yet though. 

Fun with horses: 

Before leaving the farm I used the bathroom and LOL because the toilet paper is so different from the U.S.  My host mother in Costa Rica use to trade me that American women use a ridiculous amount of toilet paper, she asked if we also eat it, because it's impossible to go through a roll so quickly.  She's right we do use a lot and Iceland reminded me of that when the toilet paper dispenser only offers a small McDonald's napkin size quantity.... I had to pull out like 45 of them to give the American comfort that I need from toilet paper.   Here is yet another video of me filming in a foreign bathroom! 


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