28 May 2015

Pingvellir National Park and Öxarárfloss waterfall

Next up after the waterfall was Pingvellir National Park.  This park actually straddles the euroasia and America tectonic plates you can see the rift between the he two and according to the guide it drifts apart 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) each year, and has literally ripped Iveland in half!  The movement of these two palates in the root of most of their earth quakes and volcanic eruptions.  It's basically the birth source of Iceland.

By the time we arrived to the next stop the in the park my boys were knocked out... Rolling heads and drool knocked out.  Zane barely woke up when I tried to get him to the next hike.  During an a poroacg I could see a waterfall in the distance and wanted to see it up close the boys begged me to stay in the bus with the friendly tour guide and a few of the senior citizens we'd made friend with.  After much thought, rules, and reassurance I let them sleep under many grandma and grandpa's watchful eyes.  I took off to the waterfall full speed to make sure I got back to the kids without too much stress in either of our parts.  
I used these legs full stride and took that hike like an Olympian.  When I arrived at the fall tucked in a cliff lined gully I was not disappointed. 

Although much smaller it was a special treat only for those willing to take the path through the gully. 


It wasn't until I started this post that I learned the name of this hidden waterfall, Öxarárfloss.  Legend has it that the falls were created when Öxará river was diverted around 930 AD to provide drinking water during the assemblies.  During mideval times, executions were also carried out there. 

After getting my pix, I hauled butt back to my boys.  Therms were safe and sound in grandmas' and grandpas' care.  I took them to the visitor centre' bathroom as others started boarding the bus and within minutes we were all on our way back to Reykjavik.  We got dropped off at our pick up point.  Bid farewell too all our new senior friends from California and Germany.  

Now we are back in our apartment chill axing and I'm cooking Icelandic ramen noodles for dinner listening to Icelandic radio (mostly American music).  This was a great day!  We are all happy. 

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