07 October 2015


As soon as we landed I said my favorite prayer.  "HELP!" And voila.... Help was on the way.  As we deplaned our same new friend just so happened to be exiting at the same time.  He swept up dude's bag and helped us to the shuttle van.  The can literally drove us 50 feet then let us off.  Everyone had a good laugh at the ridiculous ride.  I told our new friend that I needed help changing money and getting to our Airbnb.... Who still hasn't sent our address.  We're it not for our host excellent review I would have truly believes that we were tricked into renting a non existing apartment.  Our new friend  helped us through immigration and customs.  I kid you not this man knew everyone. Everyone single person in the airport was his friend.  He finally told me he was a retired delta employee and was constantly traveling back and forth.  It wasn't until we got to baggage claim that unthought to ask his name.  DeeKay.  While he waited for him bags he suggested we wait for him to help us with what id requested. I then connected to the airport wifi and found the messages from our Airbnb host.  Whew!!!! 
As soon as DeeKay returned I showed him our address and he knew exactly where we would go.  As we got outside he continues to greet long time friends and pointed me in the direction of the currency exchange.  From what I could see there was a lot of development in the area and people looked healthy and happy, not rich but definitely not struggling like I've seen in othe countries.  

DeeKay initially was going to put us in a can and send us in our way but after haggling with a taxi driver in Wolof he arranged it so we would all ride together. We dropped him off at his place first the no Ce he got his phone charged up we called our Airbnb check in guy and let him know we were on the way.  The taxi driver called him again once we got in the vicinity and then easily got us to the front door.  Outside was Francois, our checkin guy. And the apartment owners mother Henriette.  We all greeted each other in French and Henriette told us to calm her if we need anything at all.  From there Francois took us to the apartment and spend the next hour showing us around. The apartment was HUGE 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.  Its more luxurious than our home in Atlanta!! The kids were very very pleased.  
After check in and revising each room, walls, everything on be check list Francois took me to the local corner store to buy a SIM card for my phone.  Now we are chilling and I'm about to force us all to take a nap. 

Oh yea it's hot here.  Very very very HOT. Welcome to Africa!

Check out our apartment! 

Look at me in my African print dress.  Thanks Teressa!

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