07 October 2015

Senegal and the scaredy cat

So I've been planning this trip to Senegal for six months.  Six months ago when I tried to execute this plan it just didn't fall together.  So why am I so petrified now that we are about to board our flight and it seems that everything is AOK?  So basically I'm scared out of my mind.  We almost didn't make the flight from Atlanta to jfk.  But we did make it, almost doesn't count.  I felt this strange feeling of comfort from a couple on both our flights however.  An elder Senegalese couple in traditional clothes, both standing 6 feet tall, and as regal as can be sat near us on both flights.  I barely saw or heard them talk, but I knew as soon as we left Atlanta that they'd be with us until we made it to Dakar.  

As we frantically boarded our flight in NY, each of us marching with our rolling carry ons, a very friendly man was behind us helping Dude because he could stop his bag from twisting and turning down the boarding ramp.  He was tickled by my little guy and we began talking as he offered a helping hand.  He too was leaving on the same flight, as was the very friendly lady behind him.  Although they didn't know each other they reassured me that I will enjoy the flight and their country.  Also ugh the gentleman was from The Gambia, he had a second home in Dakar.  As we boarded the plane we went our separate ways.  

The flight was great the seats were spacious and after dinner we all turned off our TVs (in my case I turns off my kjndle) and slept. 

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