11 October 2015

Pink lake and chill

We woke up bright and early to get ready for our outing to the Pink Lake with Albert.  We all showered, got dressed, I made breakfast, and waited.  And waited, and waited.  But Albert never showed up.  I decided to give him until noon then I would go on with plan A and get to the pink lake by taxi.  

Picture of our buildings tiled exterior.  Beautiful! 

By 12:30 we had cabin fever and figured it was in our bestbjnterrstbtonget out and find that doggone pink lake.  With the help of Francois and a friend we found a taxi willing to travel the distance for $15,000 Senegalese dollars ($30USD).  He trip took us into in of Senegal's main highways and I was utterly shocked at how well paced and beautiful with highways was!!! Definitely smoother than any highway in atlnag and so smooth it rivals Germany's autobahn!! The constructions game is no joke in Senegal.  Here are a few pix of the beautiful toll booth we passed through and the view during our drive.

Moment gas stations

The drive was about 40 minutes! As soon as we pulled in I reassured our driver that we would only be 5-10 minutes we only wanted to see the pink lake and take a few pictures.  Unfortunately the lake wasn't very pink.  The locals explained the due to the sun something or other that then microorganisms in the pink could do something or other.  We could still see a slight pink color in the water.  Snapper our pictures and bounced! 

The top pick is when the lake is super pink during its peak season, the bottom picnics what we saw.

Taxi ride home

Once we got home at about 3:30, we got under the fan and relaxed until dinner time.  We decided to walk a couple of blocks to a nearby restaurant.

There were so many signs that we were where we were supposed to be our building also had a medical office in the ground floor that preformed "Echographies". Not to mention my name being all over the apartment in random places. 

Silly pix while waiting to be served.  We wanted to eat outside but there were ton many flies so we decided to take the food home.  I would have loved watching the joggers go by, people stopping in the street to pray and ladies window shopping at the nearby boutique.  But fighting off the flies would ruin that experience so home bound we went.  

Dude ordered pizza

I ordered chicken and fries. Zane ordered steak and  fries.  It all came with half a baguette and a yummy salad 

After dinner we played dominos and I declare war.  We listened to he local radio and enjoyed each other's company.  For us travel is not just seeing the world hug also spending time with our favorite people.... Each other. 

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