09 October 2015

Le mosquée divinité

After leaving the statue Aida was kind enough to join us at the divinity mosque, one of the more popular mosques in Dakar.  We just went in briefly B to look around but the kids got a quick lesson in Islam and their house of worship. 

The taxi waited for us to we couldn't spend much time there.  Once we left we dropped Aida back near Ma Khady's house and she asked the driver to take us to les almadies, where I was told we would find a beach and a restaurant.  

On he way their our new taxi driver almost got in a fight with a truck driver who was blocking the road. The people here are super chill until they start driving then it's like bumper cars! Yikes!!

On our route to les almadies we passed the huge US embassy.  We found a lol restaurant to wag at bug the flies were in attack mode and it was hot, we were sweaty and tired.  The beach didn't even look good.  Here was far more rocks than sand. After waiting forever to get our food we ate and I made an executive for us to go home.  Dude wa upset about not going to the beach, but agreed that the rocks didn't look fun.  

As soon as we got home I fell asleep for HOURS on the couch.  I was whooped. Senegalese sun 1.  Echo 0... But still felt like see was winning in Dakar. 

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