06 April 2012

Casco Viejo & La Cinta Costera

After my students`class today we weren´t sure what to do that would be quick and cheap.  I came here with the assumption that I would be able to see and do a lot more with Panamá being a small country and all, but boy was I wrong.  One thing that I wanted to do but realized that I hadn`t done was visit Casco Viejo, which is Panamá City´s historic district.  Since Casco Viejo has been in the back of my mind this whole trip I decided that this would be our best bet, so we hopped in a taxi that dropped us off here at La Plaza Catedral (shown above).

Outside the Cathedral there is a plaza, hence the name, that had many souvenirs for sale.  All the vendors were indigenous Panamanians and one was willing to let me snap her picture, for $2!  I`m very upset that I was not able to visit the indigenous parts of the country as my young Bermudan house mates did.  They found it very interesting, so I will be sure that is on the top of my to do list when I return to Panamá.

Unfortunately almost all of Casco Viejo is under construction and being renovated but I was able to get a few good snapshots out of our little trip.

After about an hour and a half of shopping, roaming, and taking pictures I saw dark clouds roll in.  We quickly made our way through an area called La Cinta Costera to the fish market to catch a taxi back to El Dorado.  Tons of people were at the fish market buying fish for Good Friday tomorrow.  I`ve been told that tomorrow everyone will eat fish as a tradition.  We got to the fish market quickly, but we weren´t quick enough because we got caught in torrential downpour. Dude couldn`t have been happier to be soaking wet.

When I could finally get a taxi to pick up wet people we headed home, back to Conchita and for the first time since we`ve been here Zane fell asleep before dinner.  All this traveling has him exhausted, but I can tell he`s enjoying every bit of it.

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