06 April 2012

Isla Grande

Friday, April 6, 2012

We have one, and only one, activity planned for today, Isla grande.  Isla Grande is on the Caribbean coast and is promised to have clear blue-green water.  We met our driver at 7:30 a.m. and headed toward the Caribbean coast.  The drive was breathtakingly beautiful.  We rode down a stretch of highway that ran along the rainforest floor, through sleepy caribbean towns with people laid out in their hammocks, over hills, down valleys, and curving around smooth roads. 

Front seat view of our ride.

Ruins from Portobelo Fort on the way to Isla Grande 

Once we arrived at our destination our next step was to take a boat over to the Isla Grande beach area.  The boat ride was $3 each way and $4 each (excluding Dude) to be on the beach.

Clear blue water at the dock

Me and the boys on the boat

View of Isla Grande from our boat

Isla grande was just lovely we spent hours playing, splashing, and swimming. 

Zane and Dude

Zane started playing with some of the local kids
swinging from this rope into the sea.

Zane found a cool tree and climbed it,
full tree shown below

Once we got hungry we walked around the island to the residential area.  Locals were there fishing, living a simple life, and selling cheap meals for $2.50!!!  Zane was adventurous enough to try octopus.
Local kids posing with a big catch.

Sleepy beach dog, living the life.

Zane eating octopus.  He liked it.

 Dude playing soccer with his big bro

 Today is Good Friday

We hung out at the beach until 4 o'clock.  We headed back to Panama City to find that it had been raining hard for hours.  Knowing that we were on the beach and not caught in the rain in the city made our little excursion just a little bit sweeter.  Conchita had dinner ready for us when we got home and we went to bed early.  The boys were knocked out for the count!

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