03 April 2012

El Diablo Rojo

2/4/2012 April 2, 2012

Today my students started off with their Spanish classes.  While they did that Zane and I worked on a solar system robotic kit that I brought with us from home and Dude played in the dirt with his trucks, of course!  Afterwards, we walked over to the to the main street and had lunch at a Pio Pio restaurant.  I can best describe Pio Pio as a panamanian version of Wendy`s.  It rained pretty hard today but that was OK because it help make the temperature feel cooler.

After lunch we took the new buses over to Casa Esperanza.   Here is some of what we saw.

Dominos in the street 

Outdoor barber shop

At Casa Esperanza we made ourselves at home.  Some of my students took Dude and went in the room with the younger kids 3-6 yrs old and had a blast singing and dancing.  Others went with the  older kids 9-12 and had real Spanish conversation with some of the kids.

Two of the teachers that joined us from the States played  a customized Panamanian Monopoly with 4 very sassy and cute little girls.

My students, Zane, and Dude learning the rules for a
new game. 

My students with students from Casa Esperanza 

 Teachers playing Monopoly

 Specialized Panamanian Monopoly board

The best part of today was our return back to our side of town.  Since it was a little cooler than usual our tour guide Melody and I decided to be a little extra adventurous and take the Diablo Rojo back to Ileri.

El Diablo Rojo (Red Devil) is the nickname for the pimped out school bus public transportation.  People pack in, there is no A/C, and the music ((((BLASTS)))).  You can say a lot about these buses but you will never forget your first ride and you can never say they lack character.   Let the pictures speak for themselves. 

 El Diablo Rojo public transportation bus

 Inside El Diablo Rojo

Tight squeeze

Tomorrow we will have the same schedule.

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  1. You guys look like you're having soooo much fun! Can't wait to see more pictures!