05 April 2012

CoastWay Amador

Today we had a good day full of kid and family friendly surprises.  We started off with making sure my students were safely checked into their classes and we headed out to the nearby strip mall, El Rey.  Dude found a coin machine to keep him busy for a while.  It cost $.25 and blasted out reggaeton and salsa while it bounced him around.  Zane found some cheap video arcade machines.

Both of these silly boys found this green dancing laser flashing on the floor, so they rocked and rolled with it, having a great time.


El Rey Food Court

On the way back I stopped at a bakery and got some sweets for me and the boys and my new favorite drink Chicha de Piña, a yummy yummy Pineapple juice.

My new favorite drink Chicha de Piña

The rainy season it just starting here and it is raining daily.  We returned to the school just in time for a Salsa and Merengue dance class and to not get soaked in the rain.

After the rain we went to CoastWay.  CoastWay is a man made strip of land that splits the Pacific Ocean.  It´s located near the Canal Zone and it is absolutely beautiful!

Zane at CoastWay

Pacific Ocean on both sides

Panoramic view of the strip after the rain

We saw bikes of all different kinds for rent, motorbikes, 4 wheelers, 10 speeds... but we decided on this little gem to help avoid any accidents of the possibility of losing a child!  It cost $9.00 an hour and was totally worth it.  I put Dude in the front and me and Zane peddled away.  Dude thought he was flying, he was so cute.

Afterward we ate ice cream and watched the sun set. Today was a good day!

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